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The best options of Medical Insurance to fit to the customer's and budget's needs.

Medical Insurance for High School and University Students

Tourist Travel Insurance for Kids, Young, Adults and Families

Travel Medical Insurance for Students

For students traveling on vacation to educational programs, such as: Summer camps, language courses, family vacation

Health Medical Insurance for individual or families

Life Insurance

How to obtain our services:

Simply call us at (303) 503 4456, WhatsApp, text, email at or use the form below, and we’ll give you the best options according to the type of medical insurance you need.

There is no obligation to buy anything – we want to give you all the different options available, and then you, at your leisure,  can decide if you are interested or not.

About Us

We have many years of experience working with different type of clients. Always giving them excellent medical insurance products and customer service so the clients return every year to renew their insurance policies or buy a new one.


Why Work With Us? 

  • We work with different insurance products so we can always offer different options to our clients.
  • We have an excellent customer service making sure our customers are happy with the insurance they have bought and always answering and addressing any questions they might have.


“Yaya has been the best broker I ever had, she only works with top insurance providers, and every time that we had to go to the hospital the insurance worked perfectly. She is always around to help you with any needs regarding the policy. I highly recommend Yaya as your new broker.”

~ Francisco LL.

“I have been insured by the products that Yaya offers since 2011 and she is an amazing broker, anytime I have needed her help with an emergency or just for a question she has been there no matter the day or the time. She is also an outstanding person.  I will recommend her 200%. Many thanks.”

~ Elisa M.

“Great job on the interpretation! We appreciated your attentiveness.”

~ Kate J.

“Fantastic!  She was able to interpret quickly and in a way the patient understood so we could get the best results for the patient. Thank you.”

~ Louise M.

Interested in learning more about our medical insurance products?

Either call us at (303) 503 4456 WhatsApp, text, by email ( or or use the handy form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Consulting Services provides free, no obligation insurance product consultations.

We are looking forward to serving you!

CONSULTING SERVICES has the best medical insurance options for you according to your budget and needs!

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